Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 top picks for your travels from Pure Ghee

Having the right accessories when you travel can make your experiences much more fun. Wear simple basic clothes but make strategic choices for your accessories. Pure ghee's light and bright bags are easy to travel with. Our make up pouch and travel jewelry case keep your accessories organised. The gajra is vesatile and could be styled in different ways making you look like a traveller rather than a tourist. Be glamorous even when you travel!
Here are our top 5 picks from our collection TRAVELER 2016. 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Of rag dolls, jugalbandi and making unique hand crafted toys

The Delhi boy and girl made by Madhubani artists
I spent the last week at Asian Heritage foundation conductng a Jugalbandi workshop on making rag dolls. It was organised by Jiyo an intiative of AHF for the world bank
"Jugalbandi is a performance in Indian classical music, especially the Hindustani classical music, that features a duet of two solo musicians. The word jugalbandi means, literally, "entwined twins."

The aim of the workshop was to to bring together craftspeople from different disciplines and get them to share their skills and learn from each other. This is the reason it was called a “Jugalbandi” workshop.
The area of product development was doll making from waste fabrics. 

The raw form made by the Kathputli artisan
 The artisan groups involved were women from Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh. Their main occupation was farming and rearing a  rear breed of chicken called Kadaknath. They learned the skill of doll making to supplement their income.
We had Babita Devi and Narmada Devi from Mithila, Bihar both accomplished painters who were looking for new products to make.
Rajesh and his father are Kathputhli artisits from Shadipur depot. When they came for the workshop they did not know what they would do.
Sheela Chowdhory, an accomplished doll maker who has been making dolls from waste for over 20 years.

The first first day were uncomfortable as we did not know how to find common ground and what to make. As a warm up we started with drawing. We then tried to animate the drawings into 3D forms using cloth and other waste.  Among other things we made a Khajur tree, a lion, a peacock, Ravan and a pigeon!

Thinking before we draw!
A drawing made by one of the participants
The Madhubani artists painted on 3D fish and also soft dolls in abstract forms.
The Kathputli artisits struggled to make new forms. All they wanted to make was elephant, horse and camel. They experimented with new cloth and trims. With bold colours and prints.

Soft toys painted by Madhubani artists

Babita devi painting a self portrait

The Kathputli artisan

The ladies from Jhabua benefitted the most. They learnt to paint from the Madhubani artisits and they learnt to construct 3D forms from the Kathputli artist. We spoke about festivals and rituals and even had a Bhil Wedding of the dolls made during the workshop. (the video below takes time to upload)

Bhil wedding


Towards the end we had some exceptional products like the dinosaur made by the kathputli artist. The women from Jhabua made dolls inspired by real people. Each one unique.

The Aditi doll inspired by me made by Kina Domar

Rag dolls reperesenting people in the workshop
Participants of the Jugalbandi workshop
The idea of empowering women and finding ways to use waste creatively is at the heart of what we do at Pure Ghee Designs. And the workshop tied in well with our core values. We will keep you posted on how we use our learnings from the workshop in our design and process at Pure Ghee Designs.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

KAMA - festive bags from Pure Ghee Designs

Kama - collection of festive bags from Pure Ghee Designs. 
Celebrating the sensuous Indian woman and her love for getting dressed up (shringar). 
The festive look is created with brocade fabrics in vibrant Indian hues of sindoori red, rani pink and sunflower yellow.
The rich brocade fabrics are detailed with delicate fringes and embellished with hand made silk flowers – a signature of Pure Ghee Bags.
The shapes are inspired by Indian vessel forms like the lota, ghada and surahi

Ghataa potlis    

Inspired by the shape of a ghada or earthen pot, the ghataa potli has a structured construction. The outer form is stiff and the soft lining ruffules up on top to create a contrast.

Kumbh potli

A sanskrit word for pot, this drawstring potli has a detachable handle make it easy to carry and hold.

Gajra Potlis
Gajra Potli
Our classic gajra potlis are embellished by garlands of handmade flowers on the handles. Soft and easy to carry.

Alingan potli

A contemporary form designed in a way that the closure interlocks to form a handle for carrying the bag. Can be paired both with Indian and western outfits.

Utsav bag
A simple bag made from rich brocade textile with slim handles and zip closure for all those time when you would like to carry a little extra for the formal do.

So what are we waiting for let the festivities begin! 
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Empowering women, upcycling waste - Pure Ghee's new collection CRAZY KATRAN

Fatima Bibi is a 56 year old  woman who lives with her family of 7 in Ayanagar village. Her husband works as daily wage laborer and has no fixed income. She  and her two elder daughters run the household. She came to work at Pure Ghee about two years ago as a seamstress. Over time she has mastered the art of making our unique Crazy Katran fabric. Intially she was reluctant to do this work as it seemed complicated and took longer than regular sewing. The word has got around and women from the village are eager to learn this new technique. Fatima now teaches women who come seeking work .

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Addicted to Upcycling

We are obsessive about upcycling. The smallest bits of waste fabric generated in our studio. At the end of the day the selvedges and bits that are remaining are collected and sorted. These pieces are further shredded into smaller pieces. The chaos of colourful bits thus created are then carefully quilted to create an crazy colourful surface with a raw unusual texture. 
The fabric thus created is called “Crazy Katran”. Crazy for the chaos of colours and Katran means leftover pieces in hindi.

This beautiful tactile fabric is used to create flawlessly built , functional bags.  Each bag is unique just like a piece of art. The CRAZY KATRAN collection is a coming together of our many  passions  #craft, #sustainable design, #creativity, #upcycling and #creating livelihoods. 

The Crazy Katran collection will be launched on 5 June 2014 - World Environment Day.

Watch this space

The waste fabric cutting is collected everyday
Fatima sorting and cutting the waste fabric
Waste fabric being quilted meticulously

A beautiful surface comes to life

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tutti Frutti - A collection that is all about colour, upcycling and hand craft

Pure ghee designs is committed to creatively engaging women in its community. We started making patchwork to provide livelihoods to women from Ayanagar village.

Scraps of colourful cloth left over from making bags are recycled to create multi colored patchwork pieces. The process of collecting, sorting and patching the cloth is long and time consuming. But it all seems worth the effort when you see the result. A complex multi coloured piece of textile that is one-of- a- kind. Each up cycled piece is like a painting that cannot be replicated.

Tutti Frutti was my favourite ice cream as a child. I wanted a little bit of all the colours and flavours and Tutti Frutti was a colourful mix I could not resist.
That’s how this limited edition collection got its name. 

Tutti Frutti will be available online next week. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Manali 101

In spite of the peak tourist season and untimely rains we managed to have fun in Manali.
Sharing some of the sights and finds through images taken from my phone.

Washed blue skies just after a shower.

My picture perfect postcard from Manali

Endless glasses of ginger tea while watching the rain sitting at a roadside cafe

Oh so sweet mountain dogs....

People cafe in old Manali - Great place to find people backpacking from all over the world

Colourful felt beads catch my eye on a roadside stall

pretty glass and shell decorations at Jhonson's Cafe
Lazy dog - great ambience, location and logo, another place to find world travellers

Textile stories - the kullu shawl

Woman in traditional wollen shawl called Pattu

Early morning scene of woman bring fresh produce to the market in her plastic basket modelled on the traditional bamboo basket
Farm implements, baskets, produce and seeds being sold in the farmers market close to the main bus stop

pretty rose gardens everywhere

Fresh trout at Jhonson's Cafe....highly recommended

View from our room at Jhonson's.....blissful