Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inspirations of a rural craftsperson

My friend Dan Nation, who has worked extensively with indian craftspeople himself wanted to know more about the craftspeople in Gundralla Metta. We have heard a lot about inspirations, lives and studios of designers in cities. I thought it would be a good idea to look at what drives these craftspeople in the villages.

The studios of these craftspeople consist of a thatched room built beside their home. Some artisans who cannot afford their own studio work under master craftspeople in a system very similar to the guilds.

These are images i found on the walls of the studio. Inspiration??

Indians are crazy about films and the craftspeople from Gundrala metta are not an exception. Cinema is one of the main sources of entertainment and their favourite super star is none other than Chiranjeevi. Some of his fans have even built a temple in his name!

Their staple food is rice which they eat with sambar(a very spicy lentil soup), usually accompanied vegetable side dish or a meat curry. The food here is very hot and spicy, cooked in an outdoor kitchen over a wood fired stove.

They love decorating their vehicles with images of heros and heroines from the telugu films as can be seen on this bullock driven cart that supplied us the wood. I was struck by this bold graphic on the tool box attached to a bicycle.

In India nothing is complete without mention of the gods and goddesses. Festivals provide a welcome break and give people a chance to get together and celebrate. This village goddess was dressed up for a local festival.

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