Saturday, May 3, 2008

Its mango time

Just got back from Hyderabad. Although summer is a time i dread, there are some things i look forward to like mangoes and munjal or toddy fruit especially if i am visiting Hyderabad.

Growing up in Hyderabad, i remember eating mangoes every day in summer, especially a local variety himayat. Although there are upto a hundred varieties of mangoes available in India, i dont feel satisfied unless i have had a himayat.

Another fruit found only in Andhra is toddy fruit (Taati munjalu) a delicate fruit, prized for its sweet, tender flesh and refreshing sugary water inside. They appear in the market in early summer and the season is usually short. The munjal sellers mount their baskets on a bicycle and cover it with a canopy of branches. The munjal lies inside in layers of leaves.

Its tedious to peel but we used to eat loads of them fighting for the ones with more water in them!

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