Saturday, May 17, 2008

My favourite blogs

Since i quit my job over six months back i have been spending a lot of time surfing on the net.
I realise now, how endless hours can be spent "getting inspired" or "researching" but it is also reassuring to see successful designers and businesses that operate at a small scale. You dont have to be the next Phillip Stark or Karim Rashid to do interesting work!!! Life can be exciting on a day to day basis!

So some of my favourite blogs at the moment are. She is a photographer and you can tell from her blog. I especially like her diptychs of the beautiful city of SF. a lot of up and coming designers. I like her blog for kids, it always has fun stuff to do. The everydayness of the blog is charming. Also the fact that its a document of a person discovering a new country. The blog offers a unique point of view because the author is from Cape Town and talks about design within the South African cultural context.
And last but not the least is the blog that started it all for me, Its more like a website but i read it every day as it has some great links and information. I love the sneak peaks and in the kitchen sections of the site. The guest blog is also interesting as it has a new artist every week.

Its strange that i have been looking for design related blogs from India but havent come across anything interesting yet. Recently i bumped into Its mostly about Indian food but i like Anita's style of writing, although she does not mention it, i think she is an architect.

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