Saturday, August 2, 2008

10 things i learnt about the American way of life

  1. I have to admit America is a strange place, people stand in ques for everything, dogs dont bark, cars dont honk
  2. Its a bit difficult to adust to smiling faces and people saying"have a great day " to strangers and "I appreciate it" for everything done
  3. I am not used to cars or even people stop to let me pass.
  4. People wish you every time you enter a store, especially the small ones. One high-end Japanese store even had a recorded message that played when you entered or left the store!
  5. People walk a lot and really fast and vigorously in this country. You can find people of all ages running especially during the weekends.
  6. It is best to avoid "Chai Latte" in the cafes in these parts ( a watered down version of the chai we get in India on which starbucks must have made millions)
  7. Everything seems huge in this country. Be it brands, stores, restaurants, trees, squirrels. Even food portions are huge and its normally one large item. One meal is enough to get you through the day.
  8. People dig "organic", "green", "environment friendly" products. The big "O" sells.
  9. When someone says the place is just two blocks away, don't assume the place is just round the corner.
  10. The one thing that spoils this country is choice,There are way too many things to choose from in every thing from the coffee you drink( Starbucks has 87000 options to customise your drink) to floor coverings! Simple things like picking up bread can involve a big decision making process!

But all in all i am having a great time discovering how this part of the world functions


Jyothi Unniraman said...

Next, try raising a child or watch someone else doing it in that part of the world....!

Anonymous said...

heyyy!!!! I love mr Lizard... and my friend Lavanya gave it to me...

usha said...

I loved your American learnings!!!
That is so funny but i had the similar feeling when i was there initially!!!

Atiya Amjad said...

I can totally understand every point mentioned by you Aditi.... good i could steal myself away from so much order in life. Chaos is the order I am used to. lots of love.