Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gond is the way to go!

The exhibition of my collaborative work with Gond artists is on. The response has been overwhelming.
I have been fond of Gond painting for a long time. The uninhibited use of colour and pattern, the creatures that are part real and part fantasy depicting the collective conciousness of their tribal communities and free flowing compositions create an energy that is hard to resist. The Gonds are tribal people found in states of Madhya Pradesh, Mahārāshtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihār, and Orissa (Gondwana). According to Venkat Shyam, one of the practicing contemporary gond artists their visual tradition goes back to the cave painting found on various spots along the Gondwana belt.

My attempt is to bring this rich visual content of the Gond world to the mainstream art and design world. Earlier i have worked with some of the Gond artists to develop toys and a storybook for children. In this exhibition i have designed a collection of objects that bring together the best of Gond painting in a way that they can become part of modern day interiors. It was an opportunity to explore painting on various materials like wood, fabric, metal and also to try different kinds of paints like enamel, acrylic, metallic colours etc

The metal tiger mural is a practical avatar of the original gond painting which was always done on the walls of the tribal dwellings.
"Birds of the same feather" wooden birds each painted by a different artist in his signature style.
The painting tiltled "sum of its parts" painted by Ram Singh Urveti is the poignant love story of a boy and girl who decide to unite in death as their families do not allow them to marry because of different caste backgrounds. On that spot grow two beautiful trees which are named Mahua and Ganja by lord Shiv and Parvati who are imressed by their unusual beauty. The painting has been composed in four different panels which work by themselves but when put together form a larger whole. It is a new way of looking at the painting as a "sum of its parts".

Side tables, stools, storage boxes and coffee tables have the forest coming alive on them. The idea is to bring the painting down from the wall into the table. Functional Art!
This and some of the original works of these artists is on offer at this exhibition that celebrates the creative minds of the Gond people and provides a window into what we can learn from and do with these people of indeginous origin.


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These pieces are beautiful Aditi, i would love to see more sometime soon ...x