Monday, April 20, 2009

Join the dots

Last fortnight was spent watching gond tribal artists making dots and making lots of them myself. Gond artists make dots, lines and other markings in their painting.

The gond artists were back in town and with them came their tigers, peacocks and trees. Some of these creatures have decided to settle on trays, candle stands and boxes. They will travel to Mumbai as part of a new exhibition.

Birdies with their broods perched on shelves, deer spreading their antlers like a girl drying her hair after a sunday head bath, on empty surfaces of vases and frames. The aeroplane looks like a soft flexible bird that loves being in the air and would never like to land.

While i was straddling these strange but curious lands S told me about an exhibition of Australian aborigine art at the Habitat Centre called Desert Dreamings. I went to see it. I had seen pictures of this kind of work before but seeing and actual work of art was certainly different.

Here too there were thousands of dots. Dots that had traveled thousands of miles. Mesmerising dots that seemed to have the ability to transport me to a place within. No wonder these painting are sometimes called dreamings or spirit paintings.

Was it a mere coincidence that this exhibition was timed exactly when i was having a workshop with gond artists or is it a sign?

I would like to explore the connection. Join the dots.

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