Monday, May 18, 2009

Delhi goes yellow again!

With temperatures soaring to over 43 degrees living in Delhi right now is not the best idea. I get calls from friends and relatives outside Delhi sympathising (not that the rest of India is any better) asking me how i cope.

What is keeping me going is the yellowness that's on in Delhi right now. As you drive through the city you see bursts of yellow color. You see thick yellow clouds among the green trees. The Amaltas trees are in bloom again. They are having a festival. Its like nature is trying to compensate for the terrible heat.

My friend D and i decided to go out and capture this phenomenon with our cameras. I was not very happy with the pictures and i realised one has to experience this. Its a treat one gets for putting up with the Delhi heat!
It did leave me inspired though. Here are some pages from my sketches.

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Atiya Amjad said...

Your paintings am sure are in total sync with naute. Lovely!