Sunday, August 23, 2009

100% Natural

On a recent trip to Bangalore, while walking the streets i came upon this package made from dried areca leaves and it contained 10 disposable cups made from the same leaves for Rs 10. In a world full of plastic cups it was such a treat to find this 100% natural and handmade alternative for a mere 10 rupees. It made me look at other 100% natural things that i am enjoying at the moment.

Natural face wash made from Indian madder, pistachio nuts, turmeric, sandalwood and saffron and indian rose essential oil are my latest indulgences in beauty products

Fabric made from tussar silk from Bhagalpur which i am going to use to make some tote bags. I love the beautiful rich tan colour and the texture brought out by the coarse weave

This fabric is made from hemp and tussar silk in the mountain state of Uttranchal, it was given to me by my friend Usha to design some bags from it.

Oat bran is something that I am almost addicted to now, it provides fibre and makes my rotis healthy and filling

Unbelievably smooth and shiny nails and its not some natural nail enamel its just this nail file cum buffer that makes your nails super shiny 100% naturally!


Life@60 said...

Um.........the green eyed monster is sniffing at your door ! Be careful!

rkramadh said...

Those areca cups have been around for many decades. When I grew up in India, we used them to serve fresh salads etc. Glad to see them around still despite the plastic craze even in India!