Monday, August 3, 2009

Hotel Ganges View - an unforgetable experience

Ganges View Hotel at Assi Ghat is a destination in itself. A small hotel with a 15 room capacity, it is booked round the year. I took Mario there just to experience the space, the architecture, interiors, use of textiles and crafts and the classical music that is played at specific times of the day.

Its no surprise that the owner of the hotel is a fine arts graduate from the Banares Hindu University. He values local traditions and uses them to great advantage in every nook and corner of his property. The home cooked food and the extensive collection of books on Indian arts is a bonus. We did manage to stay there for two days as a room fell vacant unexpectedly. For me Ganges view stands for all good things in Banares and more.


Pink Jalebi said...

The pics look awesome. Must surely check it out the next time.

tan 0 said...

hey i want to be here too! chalo lets go