Monday, August 31, 2009

Simply beautiful

It had rained all night so we had a clear blue sky this sunday morning. it was a perfect day visit the farm house of architect Pradeep Sachdeva. It is not too far from the city a 30 minute drive from the Ambience mall, and yet when you reach there it looks like its the middle of a village.

This is unlike the usual images that conjure up when one mentions a farm house in Delhi. It is very simple with one large room in the front, a bedroom with attached bathroom and a kitchen.
The roof is an experiment in combining bamboo and cement with a layer of grass on top like village homes. The grass roof has been made by the artist-in-residence Budhram who is also the mali here. He also built the beautiful house for the chicken. His mother makes the most beautiful granaries with mud.

We also loved

the beautiful surfaces textures

intimate sculptural details

Lotus pond

most beautiful chicken house.

This is not about architecture, this is a way of life!


Life@60 said...

Awesome !

Pink Jalebi said...

Looks beautiful. Wish I could be there. Next time perhaps....or maybe I won't have to go too far from your house! :)