Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bag Series #1: Mashru Clutch

I am launching my first collection of hand crafted bags made from traditional indian textiles at the Nature Bazaar, the most popular crafts and environmental fair in Delhi from 5 to 14 November '09. In the run up to the bazaar i will be posting sneak previews of my bags on the blog.
The first in the series is the Mashru clutch. Mashru, is a fabric i have been fascinated with since my college days in Ahmedabad. The allure of the rich silky sheen and bright colours took me to Patan in Gujarat one weekend where this fabric is hand-woven , it is believed to have come to India through Syria.
It is a satin weave with a silk warp and a cotton weft. The literal meaning of Mashru is permitted. According to Islamic custom, silk should not be worn against the skin. The satin weave of Mashru is only seen on the face of the fabric and it’s the cotton that brushes against the skin. These days rayon is used instead of silk.
I have used Mashru to create these chic clutches, a deadly combination of style and an age old culture. Perfect for the eclectic fashionista!

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