Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art in every household - Bandhavgarh

I was taken by my architect friend to an upcoming resort he is building in Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. My job was to see how I could infuse local folk art in the interiors. As soon as I arrived there we were taken to the Mardari village near by.

The walls of village homes were plastered with mud and became a canvas for the women of the house. Symbols of fertility, growth and prosperity in mud relief were abundant on both exterior and interior walls.

The entrances of some houses were decorated with borders. A very interesting discovery was the use of glass bangles as part of the decoration. The courtyards were plastered with cow dung and patterns were drawn in lime. Creativity was part of every household here.

After soaking in the inspiration from the village I set out to try my hand on the walls of the resort. letting loose the inner artist brought out the wild side, elephants, tigers, monkeys and deer.


tan 0 said...

what a beauty place mud structures, sit-outs & sun light great combination.
inspiring mural, very apt in mud and feel of a jungle resort...

Poorvi said...

Wow. Such a pretty detail observed and recorded by you.