Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lo phir Basant aayi....

famous song sung by Mallika Pukhraj I remember listening to as a child on DD and my dad's cassette player. I loved the voice and the melody. The lyrics didn't mean much to me then, it is only now that i connect it to this beautiful change of season, the mustard fields turning into a vast yellow expanse and of course the upcoming crafts bazaar by Dastkar called BASANT(Spring time) which i am participating in with my friend Tanveen of Organic connect.

Busy with last miniute preparations, I am loving making the bag charms/key chains from the leftover fabrics.Putting together the fabric, beads and baubles is such fun, that this time i decided to do it by myself. 200 of them.

At our stall you will find jungle charms made from scraps of ajrak fabrics and Banares beads

Flower motifs of kalamkari are lined with kinari and jazzed up with gold thread beads

My favorite the bright pink ones made from scarps of banares brocade, organza and silk

I had made them for the first time for the Nature bazaar in November and they proved to be quite a crowd puller. I guess everybody loves a little bit of whimsy!

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bhumi said...

me me one of each.