Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The simple life- Mardari Village

Observing people in the village had a calming effect. They lead a simple life. No, it was not perfect by any means and yet the thing to learn is to lead a life that nurtures contentment.

They start their day at crack of dawn and stop work at sunset.

They eat food that they grow or make themselves. Home grown vegetables, hand pounded rice and wheat, milk comes from cows they rare and eggs from chicken part of almost all households.

Physical labour is an integral part of life. I could not spot a single obese person there.

They have few possesions. Most objects were functional and alive with a glow that comes from everyday use and care.

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Ion Grosu said...

Nik kultură. Beautiful pictures, waiting for more info about people of Mardari.

Good Luck!