Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Thank you everyone who came to our stall. We had a brilliant response!
All the initial apprehension of having a stall in a not so exciting location at the bazaar vanished as we realized that if you have a good product at a good price with the right audience, it will sell.

There is nothing more satisfying than getting direct feedback about your product from a customer and to see your designs find a market. What is even more encouraging was to have repeat customers and have people make a connect with your brand. All this and a lot more like catching up with old friends, making new friends, meeting relatives, craft lovers, store owners and interesting people from all over the world happened during the ten day Basant Bazaar organised by Dastkar.

IGNCA grounds proved to be the perfect setting for the event, the trees looked liked they had come out to give their blessings to the event, the wind and the rain gods did not want to be left behind either.

No shopping experience is complete without good food. A new attraction at the food section was Prima Kurien's Kerala cuisine, she roped in Mishri, Tanveen’s younger sister to make desserts for her. So apart from all the excitement of selling bags and boxes we now having samplings of carrot cake, caramel custard and lamingtons! It could not have gotten better!

Never knew having your own business can be so empowering!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aditi, lovely work and lovely blog! How are you? Sunandini