Monday, March 1, 2010

A do - nothing weekend at Keseroli

Eat, sleep, take long baths and admire flora and fauna is all we did this weekend at Neemrana’s The Hill Fort at Keseroli, built in the 14th century. An early birthday treat, it was indulgence all the way!

S took me there to unwind, something both of us needed quite badly. We started late on saturday morning hoping we would not encounter weekday traffic, but we could not have been more wrong. Everyone seemed headed somewhere away from Delhi for the Holi weekend. After what seemed a never ending drive on a hot summer day, we were greeted by the fuchsia pink bougainvillea blooms at the entrance. My joy was doubled when I saw the hotel staff dressed in kurtas of the same colour.

It is a small and intimate property, just right for a weekend getaway. The décor is understated and yet each room has a theme and a different look. We stayed at the tota mahal. A bright green tota cushion cover, old prints of the Indian parakeet, block printed furnishings in shades of green and yellow and lots of live parakeets on the bushes outside completed the interior of our room. Other rooms that inspired were the hindola mahal, that had a swing in the room and the sitara mahal done up in blue.

The terrace, verandahs and the central courtyard offered a great interplay of interiors and exteriors. From the terrace, looking down the mustard fields extended endlessly. The courtyard had came alive with trees like neem, kikar, kachnar,babool and shisham bringing the outdoors inside.

The food was a mix of Indian and Continental fare. Normally i avoid buffets because i end up eating far more than i need to. But since the theme for this weekend was indulgence i let go! Did i forget to mention the desserts at the end of each meal were to die for!

De stressed and ready for action!


Blue Fish said...

Ah, it all sounds great...and looks even better. Lovely pics all, but the crow near the wrought iron chair is truly a moment...

Anoop said...

Simply splendid Holi... seems like color all the way... And yes, the chair, the crow and the beyond, fantastic!

Aditi Prakash said...

Glad you liked the pics guys, finally some good people had the patience to post a comment:)