Sunday, April 4, 2010

Effects of Spring/Summer

I am very distracted these days. And its because its 'that' time of the year again. Everything is sprouting and growing. I end up looking at trees and missing the turn i was suppose to take.

The trees in Delhi are playing out their yearly drama. First they drop their leaves, revealing the beautiful branches. I thought that was suppose to happen in Autumn? But Pradip Kishen explains in his book Trees of Delhi that monsoon trees drop their leaves in response to drought not cold. The neem trees on Race course road shower yellow confetti like leaves when you drive past, which swirl around the wheels when they drop on the road. Some how I never seem to mind the long distances in Delhi during this season!

Before you know brand new leaves sprout back in colors ranging from a raw green,burnt umber and red creating the most beautiful sights.

The not so pleasing side effects are that our car is covered in sticky juices every morning secreted by the trees in the parking lot and we have many visiting bees and wasps in the house!

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Life@60 said...

Missing my old city !!