Monday, June 14, 2010

5 things

Little things can bring so much joy! These are the five things i am enjoying right now.

Finally bought this milton thermos bottle for cool water on the unbearably warm, long rides around the city.

Dhokra(sand cast bronze) animals, i picked up from Mrignayani

Soft cotton Kurta pyjama with chikan work from Lal Bihari Tandon.

Japanese green tea Vidya brought back from Kyoto

Fresh salads on warm summer nights


Anonymous said...

Dig the bottle and the kurta! Need to do a kurta shoppping spree soon!

Aditi Prakash said...

thanks lopa. kurta shaopping spree sounds fun!

Life@60 said...

There is enough beauty around us if only we have the time to look around ! keep it up !