Monday, July 19, 2010

Hyderabad responds

Pure Ghee Designs had its first exhibition outside Delhi in Hyderabad. It was great to be in my home city with my bags and Tanveen's boxes. We had a very encouraging response.

We did well in terms of sales. Our percentage of sales per day was higher as compared to Delhi. But with all the overhead costs of traveling and transporting etc the net profit remains the same if not lesser. Plus the 14.5% VAT on bags in Hyderabad was something i was not prepared for! So this was a learning experience in terms things to keep in mind while planning a traveling exhibition.

Akruti Vastra was predominantly a sari exhibition. It is an annual fund raiser of the crafts council of Andhra Pradesh. It was inspiring to watch the ladies of the council moving around from dawn to dusk to make sure things went on smoothly. They had even organised yummy andhra lunch for all the participants at a nominal cost.

I was always looking out for dull moments at the stall to look at other goodies available. When your work involves being surrounded by these beautiful textiles you can never complain!


mastbhari said...

You seem to have taken me there with you!

Kanika Bahl said...

love those garments on the rack..who is the designer behind them?

renderviz said...

oops missed it in hyderabad
will you guys come back? do you have any online outlet for the products


Sruthi said...

nice collection,aditi.the bags are so good,miss the exhibitions in hyd