Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Windmill Place - our studio and home

Was waiting for the light to get better to take some good pictures of our new home and studio.
Here are some views of the house from the street.

Designed by our friend architect Madhu Shankar the criteria was to create space for work and living.

For us it has been 14 months of step by step learning of how a house is built.


Jaya said...

Ohh love the green and purple.. would never think of putting those two colors together.
Very beautiful!!! Love it!

Kanika Bahl said...

Love it totally!!

Aditi Prakash said...

Thanks Jaya and Kanika! Will be posting some with the interiors shortly!

Lifesaplatter! said...

So very creative Aditi...great job! Iam sure a lot of hard work has gone into makeing your home look this unique and beautiful!


Harshita said...

Just so awesome and so in love with your beautiful home!! Cant wait to get to the interiors. :-)