Friday, January 14, 2011

Key charms for the new home!

Set about organising the keys to the new house and studio today.
It was much easier when we were in a flat, we had just the keys to the main door and no lockable cupboards in the house.
Now there are keys to the studio, home, cupboards....

So although i am not a keybunch-carrying-sort of a person, i decided to make some interesting bunches, one for S in blue (no pinks he shrieked!), one in pink (what else!) for me and one in purple and green for general use to go with the colour scheme of the house.

While i was at it i decided to dig into my trinket box and add some bits and baubles, some old silver earrings that i dont use anymore.

The usual pure ghee detail of leather trim and a brass dog hook makes it strong enough to carry a heavy set of keys and gives you the flexibitlity to attach it to your existing key ring as well.

Inspired to do a few more.... let me know if you would want to get one custom made! Also accepting any bits and baubles you guys are not using anymore!


Poorvi said...

Wow! Love them..the idea of color marking also. Like the tiger on the blue.

manorama said...

cute and colour ful as always