Sunday, February 27, 2011

Details at Samode Safari Lodge

Its the little details that give the Lodge a personal touch. A place that feels like a home rather than a hotel.

Burnt wood birdies

Tribal candle stand

Tribal brass figures (that remind me of mavi people!) on natural grass boxes

Tribal brass mask from Chattisgarh

Leather puppets from Andhra

Leather puppets from Andhra on the fire place

Large baskets in sabai grass from Orrisa

Sabai grass waste paper baskets

Mud relief of walls

Gond motifs tolled on granite in the shower area

Tranfers with gond motifs on glass panels in the bathrooms

Stone monkeys at the poolside

1 comment:

tan 0 said...

love the peacock mud relief
collecting traditional peacocks nowadays
organic connect