Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gond murals at Samode Safari Lodge

My role at the Samode Safari lodge was to design and source local crafts for the interiors. The brief was to create a contemporary interpretation of traditional craft techniques.

The resort has 12 individual suites and I began by designing murals to come on one large wall of the luxurious bathrooms in the suites. The walls measured approximately 24feet by 8feet. Each bathroom had a different mural.

The process started by looking for suitable animal froms within the gond tradition. Tigers, monkeys, sambar deer, wild boar and birds of different types emerged. I sketched compositions keeping in mind the layout of the bathroom and suggested colour schemes.

The murals were created on site by reknowned gond artists Venkat Singh Shyam and Dileep.

We had to change some compositions and colours on site as what looked perfect on paper did not work on the wall. In the end we had 12 murals each unique, touching a theme close to the gond tradition. And as you sink into the decadent tub you can stare into the detailed texture that mesmerises you from within the form.


Sanctified Spaces said...

OMG there are fab.Do u do interior design for homes..?

bhumi said...

you can also turn these patterns into stencils, i want the piggie.

Aditi Prakash said...

yes these can easily be adapted to home spaces and it has been done before and bhumi will get a piggie painted for you!

Aditi Prakash said...
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Anonymous said...


Poorvi said...

Love the interesting use of colors, compositions and certainly the subjects. Lovely work! Thumbs up!