Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kalamkari paintings for Samode Safari Lodge

Apart from the gond paintings i was thinking of what other art form i could use to bring out the mood of the jungle. For the bedrooms i wanted something sophisticated and in keeping with the "being one with nature" feel.

Kalamkari paintings by J. Niranjan were my natural choice. Niranjan is one of the most talented Kalamkari artists in the country. The quality and finesse of his paintings make his work stand apart.

I took some of his existing tree of life paintings and added a twist to it. The antlers of the deer transformed into the branches of the tree, an elephant began playing with them , a monkey sitting on the branch announces the tiger's arrival.

Oh! the jungle can be such fun!


P Naik said...

Wow... you are supremely creative and very imaginative. All the best and I'm going to follow your blog regularly.

Perry Naik
Atlanta, USA

Aditi Prakash said...

Thank You Mr Naik. I was wondering how you got to know abt my blog.

Poorvi said...

Wow Aditi, this is really beautiful, all of it. Specially nice that you are exploring different art styles, traditional to India and not sticking to the much used Mud-Mirror for interiors. Thanks for sharing your lovely inspirations, designs and remarkable craftspeople and artists who are a part of this. Now I am more eager to meet you!

Aditi Prakash said...

Thanks poorvi! Being in India can be such a gift for any creative person!

Poorvi said...

That is so true. Very often it is not translated well, or used in an aesthetic way. These designs really bring out the true beauty of the art as well as add so much loveliness to the rooms. Well done!

chef amish said...

great stuff aditi.

i didn't realize such detailed thouthought went into the Tree of Life paintings, the murals in the bathrooms, right down to even the dust bins.

Purvaai said...

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dokka srinivasu said...

Aditi madam

You are very talented and the designs you created symbolise the rich cultural heritage of Kalamkari. A great piece of art work.

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Sauna kumari said...

Thanks for showing for kalamkari painting. i really like each of designs of kalamkari sarees. last few days i am searching design of kalamkari sarees online and this is really awsome work.

neha said...

Thanks for sharing information Kalamkari Sarees .