Monday, February 28, 2011

Samode Safari Lodge unvieled

Now that i have talked about some of the elements that went into the making of the interiors, a peek into the sum of the parts. Here are some images of the way the spaces shaped up finally.
Images courtesy Samode Hotels Pvt Ltd.
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Main Lounge
Main Lounge
Individual sitting room


Dining Room

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Poorvi said...

Looks lovely! I would love to visit it someday. How long did the project take? And were you mainly responsible for the textiles or all the interiors? I am thinking the fabrication for upholstery and all of it would have taken a while. And also your design/conceptualization process. Well done! Love how you put in so much craft in such variety. The motifs tolled and transferred on granite and glass are such fresh ideas. I am inspired to work on the interiors of my house in a similar way. And I gotta say..who's ever gonna want to leave the bathroom?!! It fantastic! Well done once again!