Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100% Natural

Its summer time and in Delhi that means heat and dust of course but also a lot of mosquitoes and flies. I am not a fan of good nite and mosquito coils and was looking for alternatives.
On a recent trip to Pune i found some interesting traditional alternatives in Kolsa Gali in the old part of town.

Loban is a resin which when burnt on hot coal emits vapours that drive away flies and mosquitoes. Remember old guest house rooms in small towns being smoked out in the night?

Dhoop a thicker form of agarbati (incense) is seen at all fruit sellers stalls and i am guessing it is used to drive away flies.

This unusual agarbatti holder caught my eye at a steel utensil shop.

Didn't think driving away flies and mosquitoes could be fun!

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