Monday, June 13, 2011

Shoppers Stop copies Pure Ghee Designs

On Sunday i happened to be at Shoppers Stop at the Metropolitan mall in Saket. While i was browsing through the bag section i saw something very familiar. My bag design! On having a closer look i was a shocked and upset to see that my sling bag had been copied to the T and was being sold under the shoppers stop label Haute Curry.

I can understand people getting inspired but copying the bag so unimaginatively including the charm is taking it a bit too far. The redeeming fact was that it was such bad quality both in terms of production and the material used that it made me realise my place in the market. Anybody who appreciates quality would never buy this bag. I bought the bag as evidence and a reminder.

Some of my friends tried to console by saying that imitation is the best form of flattery and others were cynical and said that this is the sad reality and there is no getting away from it in India. I should just ignore it and carry on.

It makes me think. How do start ups like ours protect ourselves from such infringements?

The Copy

Original Pure Ghee Bag


Kanika Bahl said...

You should definitely sue them....did you report the issue/discuss with management? Raj Kala works with shoppers' stop...i think he will be able to must be reported and the bag should be taken off the shelves....don't sit back...!

sailaja said...

Shameless! How unfortunate. I second Kanika. You should get the bags off the shelves asap! Love your work, Kanika. :)

sailaja said...

I meant to say, 'love your work, Aditi'. Well, I like Kanika's work too esp her potli stuff. :)

Brown Girl said...

Take it to the press... other bloggers should hopefully pick on this too. Have you written to Shopper's Stop?

Poorvi said...

Sorry to see this Aditi. It is very unfortunate that in India such things are just not protected. I wanted to share a link of an Indian designer based in USA who similarly came accross someone copying her designs. I would think, since you are a designer and this is your work which you sell under your brand and label you should take it up with them. These things ought to be taken more seriously in India rather than allowing us a feeling of forced flattery or horrible discomfort. Here is the link of how Surya of Wee Gallery went about it:
Hope it works out to your benefit.

Shweta Jain Chopra said...

Dear Aditi,
i came across your handmade products of course..since I am settled in Korea, but loved the detailing and colours you have used!
'Haute Curry' is brand I have liked in the past, I bought a couple of kurtas from the brand and thought they had a very refreshing design sense...But reading your post..makes me wonder if those products too were ripped off from some hardworking designer like yourself, and so...I'm compelled to discard all that i own from the brand....
I believe all the fellow bloggers must link up their posts to yours..spread awareness...thats the best tool, and yes of course take up the matter with the management..

Aditi Prakash said...

Thank you kanika,shweta, poorvi and shailaja for your support. Your support makes me feel stronger about this. I am in the process of finding out how to take this further.

tan 0 said...

hey! I agree you should take it up with the shopper's stop management.
They should know that you are the real owner of this design.

Blue said...

Hey,have met you at couple of bazaars,u do need to take further action,the blog post is a great way of creating awareness.

Fingers said...

Hey Aditi,
I completely agree with Shweta and Kanika. This form of 'flattery' is in such bad taste and you shouldn't overlook it. Word must be spread about these else do we get rid of them?
Love your work! I come by your blog every now and then :)