Monday, July 11, 2011

Nike of rural Rajasthan

As a continuation to my last post, a bit about the life and work of the leather workers. I was there only for half a day, but the visit formed the basis the design concepts i developed with them.

This group of leather workers live in a small hamlet in Chandranagar, Lohavat, 3 hours from Bikaner. They make the most robust and hard wearing shoes without the use of any adhesives. These cost between 500 - 600 Rs a pair and last for 2-3 years. Now thats what i would call the Nike of rural Rajasthan!

Walking through the sand towards Baggaramji's home cum workshop in the April heat, i tried to imagine what life was like in the middle of the desert. Here are some glimpses.

Baggaramji's home and workshop

Nike of rural Rajasthan

Stocked in all sizes, best part, no fancy packing ....

Leather being softened in water

Shoes being made

I loved Goverdhan's personalised tool bag made from recycled plastic gunny bags

Boys watching me watching them

Biscuit and bhujjia offered as snacks

Water to drink from lotas

Torch for emergencies in the workshop

Important documents, wedding invitations hung from the ceiling!!
(so they dont fall prey to rats i guess)


Life@60 said...

I loved Govardhan's bag too !

shooting star said...

thats so interesting....basic and so stylish!!