Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The new Potli sling !

These days i am working on developing some evening bags. I started with designing some clutches but they felt a bit pretentious .... I am not the kind a girl to be spending the whole evening holding on to my clutch. I prefer being hands free.

How about looking at some of the traditional evening bags i thought and soon i found myself obsessing about potlis of all shapes and sizes..... potlis have been done to death.....i needed to put a new twist to it.....voila! I put together this crazy one in my favourite lungi fabric with some neony trims...

And then i added my hands free detail. A sling. That makes it a potli sling!
You can find me carrying it around everywhere.
I saw my friend beaming at me the other day and asked him why he was smiling and he said all those colours made him smile!

Coming up with grown up "party" potlis in my next update!
Meanwhile would love to know how many of you are the bohemian-potli-sling-carrying kinds like me!


AM said...

Aditi - Hi, this is Pankaj's friend Anjali from New York. I want a potli too !! It is so cute ! I will be Delhi in October, can I come and get a few things from you then....

Thanks and best

Aditi Prakash said...

Hi Anjali!

Saw your your blog!U must visit us next time u r in Delhi. Looking at the house you are building in goa i think u will like our studio too!

AM said...

I would love to come visit your studio, specially since I need cute stuff to furnish the house! Will get in touch and make a plan.