Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teej Design Mela 2011

Baskets full of fresh flowers at the festival

Monsoon festival 6 was kick started with the Teej Design Mela. Conceived and organised by Himanshu Verma of Red Earth, this festival is an example of how passion and commitment can make things happen and stir people.

Himanshu doing 10 things at a time!

It was inspiring to see how Himanshu who is a virtual one man army, put together people from diverse fields like art, craft, design, performing art. Setting the mood for the celebrations in the evening, he dressed to the hilt in his green banarsi sari and swayed away to the beats of sasural genda phool!

For pure ghee designs it was exciting day of meeting new upcoming designers and artists and sharing the joys and difficulties of running a start up. A day spent away from our quite studio in the midst of new creative energies.

Pure Ghee stall at the mela

Our charms proved to be quite a hit!

Chocolate Chocolate Nidhi Khurana's charming stall next to ours

Nidhi wearing pure ghee's charm in her hair

Aneeth arora's telia rumal scarves

Mayank Mansingh Kaul's minimal chic Malkha garments

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