Saturday, November 19, 2011

Allahabad 102

In part 2 on Allahabad i am sharing, one of my favourite activities of walking around in the winding galis/bylanes of old market places and finding the most unusual things. Here is what i found in Allahabad's "chowk". If you go there dont miss the famous Netram's Kachori, its more like stuffed puris with four different kinds of curries. To die for!

Brushes/Art Installation?

Fried savouries/clay sculpture?

Gamchas galore!


The freshest singhsdas in the world

Turbans for groom and u?

Rickshaw art! Have to go for back this!

beautiful backsides!

wanna be my chamak chalo!

Also Check Allahabad 101 for a different take on the city.

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