Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spotted: Pavni with a Pure Ghee Work bag!

When i started making bags, I use to design for myself. But as Pure Ghee Designs grows i think more and more about my customers, what would they like?

Its great to see people carrying Pure Ghee bags, it gives me a great high and also insights into how they carry them.

Yesterday when i entered the ladies compartment of Metro on my way to run some errands i was delighted to see a girl carrying the electric blue Pure Ghee work bag. Short introductions later i found out she was Pavani, a student who was the owner of the bag.

Wow!That just made my day! Thanks Pavni for using our bag!

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Dora said...

The feeling must be great when you see someone carrying bags made by you...

Happy for you.

Well I have made a small batua collection for myself.

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