Friday, March 30, 2012

Living the life i always wanted!

On the way to Dhola Vira. The great Rann of Kutch!

The train is a great way to travel. It gives your mind the time to transition from one space to another. On my way back to Delhi from a three week trip to Kutch, i was thinking of the days i spent away from home. And i felt happy to be living the life i always wanted.

I prefer traveling on work and extending it to exploring the area further. So off i went to Kutch on invitation by Kala Raksha Vidyalaya, to teach design to eleven women ranging from age groups 16 – 60, in a village two hours from Bhuj.

Students discuss their work at Kala Raksha Vidyalaya

My realisations

This gave me an opportunity to nurture the creative potential of skilled craftspeople.

This was a great way to empower crafts people, working with them to assessing their strengths and weaknesses so they can achieve their best potential as individuals.

Teaching is the best way to learn

It gave me thinking time away from daily chores

Traveling always opens up my senses

I gave me time to persue my favourite hobby, watching people.

The tough life in this part of the country makes people express themselves through the objects they use in everyday life, dress and food.

And not to forget some top of the line bespoke shopping!

It doesn't get better than this.

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