Monday, March 5, 2012

Nidhi Khurana - beauty from waste

It is not very often that i feature other artists or designers on my blog. But this demanded a special post.

The multi faceted artist and maker Nidhi Khurana and I met at an exhibition where we had stalls next to each other. We hit it off instantly. Over the next couple of months we shared our work and our lives everything from recipes, books, ideas.

Nidhi is busy working towards her exhibition titled Portraits and Topographies with her equally talented husband Ruchin Soni. It is amazing to see how her unique eye and thought process has transformed what many of us would consider waste.

Nidhi takes recycling to another level altogether. She has used some of the smallest bits of fabric that were ready to make it to the dust bin from our studio and transformed them into stunning collages and artworks. It is not easy for creative people to share and inform each others' practice but when they do, it is nothing less than sublime.

Nidhi and Ruchin will be hosting a open house event at their studio on 11 and 12 before showing later this month at Jehangir.

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nikheel said...

lovely concept!
Where is their studio?