Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rajpur 101

I was in Rajpur for 10 days to attend an introductory course at Yoga Ganga.

It was a great break and the course was transformational to say the least. What i learned there would require another blog post!

If it were not for the yoga institute i do not see why some one would stay in Rajpur for a long time, however there was lots do around the area and if you are in Dehradun its worth checking these places out. The walk up Rajpur road is great for your calves and it also has some quaint views of a Tibetian settlement.

Bharat Shoes

On the road from Dehradun to Rajpur is a small shop selling leather footwear. I got a pair of custom chappals and brogues in red leather!

Studio Alaya

A design studio run by Richa and Joshua it is the place to find some chic hand made products in natural fibres

Purkul youth Development Society and Stree Shakti

I met Mrs Swami as a co participant in an exhibition. She runs stree shakti, an ngo that where women have learnt to make some exquisite quilts,She and her husband are some of the most inspiring people i have ever met. They are involved in working for the youth and women in the area.

Himalayan weavers

Run by Patricia and Gayur, you can find local hand spun and natural dyed textiles at their showroom on Rajpur road.

Chayya Café

Their coffee and coconut lassi is very good and with free wi-fi and an outstanding view of the mountains this is a great place to stop for a bite or get some work done!

Samose wale Sardarji

At the bottom of Rajpur road is a little chai shop run by a Sardarji. It has amazing samosas!

Kumar sweets

On our way to Dehradun station we stopped at the famous Kumar Sweets near Ghanta ghar and gorged on lassi ras malai, pedda and milk cake!


If you are in the area you must visit this house converted into the most charming private resort run by my friends Bikram Grewal and Alpana.

Phew! thats a lot to do!

*All pictures taken by my phone camera

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Looks like you had a great break !