Friday, November 30, 2012

What makes the ALLIKA range is so special?

1)   The hand woven natural dyed fabric is environment friendly and sustains rural livelihoods.
2)  Strength and durability come from the fact that the bag is fully quilted, a contemporary use for an age old technique. Genuine leather trims also increase the longevity of the bag.
3)   Fun printed lining gives the bags inner beauty.
4)   Each detail is carefully thought out, like the stiff board at the bottom that makes sure the bag does not loose shape even when you are carry a lot of weight.
5)   Every Allika bag comes with a hand crafted charm made by women in Ayanagar village.

The Allika range of bags will be available at the special exhibition at DARAM, Hyderabad and at KILOL stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur

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Nidhi Dube said...

Hey, when will you be in Jaipur?