Friday, December 7, 2012

VARAQ - New Festive bags from Pure Ghee

I am very excited to share with you a sneak peak of our new collection VARAQ.

The idea for this collection came about when a friend brought me some home made phirni (a traditional sweet dish in North India). She set the hand pounded sweet rice dish in an earthen pot and dressed it with chopped almonds and a sheet of silver foil/VARAQ.
VARAQ is a thin edible foil, made from beating gold and silver for a long duration. Most Indian sweets are decorated with Varaq.
On my many jaunts to the cloth market i was drawn to the metallic luster of the gold and silver fabric that looks like it is gilded.

Pure Ghee presents perfect party pieces for the festive season.

Varaq Gold Wristlet
Varaq silver wristlet

Varaq gold foldover sling

Varaq silver foldover sling

Varaq gold foldover clutch

Varaq silver foldover clutch


Anjali Mangalgiri said...

Aditi - love the new bags !

Annah said...

hi ,
would love to buy a gold satchel ..
how do i go about it?

i live in cochin, kerala.

would love to hear from you.


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