Friday, February 8, 2013

The Windmill Design festival - how to organise a community festival

    Windmill Gallery
The Windmill Design Festival was held at Windmill Studio, Ayanagar on 2-3 February 2013. It was an endeavour to connect creative communities that shared a common ethos. Much fun was had but i also learnt a few things. I thought i must share it with my readers. So here they are.
  1. Mix work and pleasure its always a great concoction.
  2. Its not just about selling your products. Goodwill is as important as sales if you want to build a great business.
  3. Support other small businesses. It helps you grow too.
  4. Always have a cafe that serves some great cakes made by Paki Bhatia, fresh sandwiches and french press coffee.
  5. Don't ignore the little ones, get Bhavna Bhat to organise a story telling workshop.
  6. A performance by Parvati and Mawkin can get people tapping their feet and create a warm fuzzy atmosphere.
  7. Get your husband to make a 2 min promotional film on the event!
  8. Create a festival mascot from waste material so kiddies can click pictures with it!
  9. If work can be so much fun make sure you do more of it!
Windmill furniture studio
Kids learn with Bhavna
Metal ware by Bowman Designs
Kids with the Windmill mascot
Love by Pure Ghee Designs!
Stationary by 61c

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thebootlebumtrinket said...

Really love your work! Really appreciate what you're trying to do for local artisans. Heard about you first from Yaduvendra of Samode. If you ever come to Mumbai and need a free pair of (unskilled) hands, I'd love to help. :)