Monday, June 17, 2013

Manali 101

In spite of the peak tourist season and untimely rains we managed to have fun in Manali.
Sharing some of the sights and finds through images taken from my phone.

Washed blue skies just after a shower.

My picture perfect postcard from Manali

Endless glasses of ginger tea while watching the rain sitting at a roadside cafe

Oh so sweet mountain dogs....

People cafe in old Manali - Great place to find people backpacking from all over the world

Colourful felt beads catch my eye on a roadside stall

pretty glass and shell decorations at Jhonson's Cafe
Lazy dog - great ambience, location and logo, another place to find world travellers

Textile stories - the kullu shawl

Woman in traditional wollen shawl called Pattu

Early morning scene of woman bring fresh produce to the market in her plastic basket modelled on the traditional bamboo basket
Farm implements, baskets, produce and seeds being sold in the farmers market close to the main bus stop

pretty rose gardens everywhere

Fresh trout at Jhonson's Cafe....highly recommended

View from our room at Jhonson's.....blissful


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