Friday, June 7, 2013

Travel accessory - pouch set

Its the time of the year when everyone is making travel plans and so I share my favourite travel accessory – the Pure Ghee pouch set. Like most women I know, I always had many many small pouches for keeping different things like cosmetics, toiletries, paper bills, digital camera, jewelry in my bag. But whenever I would pack to travel I would invariable miss one little pouch or the other. You know the feeling when you desperately want that meftal spas and you forgot to carry your medicine pouch or the irritation when you realize you forgot your mini vial of moisturizer you so need on long flights!

This prompted me to design a set of pouches that stay together so you don’t forget anything. I also wanted the user to have the option of carrying fewer things if she wanted to. And slowly the pouch set evolved. Our current version has three pouches with holes in them and they are held together with a charm embellished dog hook. You can carry them all together or unhook them and use them separately. And use the hook as a key hook. I did make some use of my class at NID on modular design!

Tell us what you would carry in these three pouches and if we like your response we will send you one to try for yourself!

The pouch set also works as a great bag organizer when you are not traveling and makes for a lovely gift too.

Size of each pouch: 7”X 5.5”

 To buy one of our pouch sets online just write to us at

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