Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tutti Frutti - A collection that is all about colour, upcycling and hand craft

Pure ghee designs is committed to creatively engaging women in its community. We started making patchwork to provide livelihoods to women from Ayanagar village.

Scraps of colourful cloth left over from making bags are recycled to create multi colored patchwork pieces. The process of collecting, sorting and patching the cloth is long and time consuming. But it all seems worth the effort when you see the result. A complex multi coloured piece of textile that is one-of- a- kind. Each up cycled piece is like a painting that cannot be replicated.

Tutti Frutti was my favourite ice cream as a child. I wanted a little bit of all the colours and flavours and Tutti Frutti was a colourful mix I could not resist.
That’s how this limited edition collection got its name. 

Tutti Frutti will be available online next week. 

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