Thursday, August 13, 2015

KAMA - festive bags from Pure Ghee Designs

Kama - collection of festive bags from Pure Ghee Designs. 
Celebrating the sensuous Indian woman and her love for getting dressed up (shringar). 
The festive look is created with brocade fabrics in vibrant Indian hues of sindoori red, rani pink and sunflower yellow.
The rich brocade fabrics are detailed with delicate fringes and embellished with hand made silk flowers – a signature of Pure Ghee Bags.
The shapes are inspired by Indian vessel forms like the lota, ghada and surahi

Ghataa potlis    

Inspired by the shape of a ghada or earthen pot, the ghataa potli has a structured construction. The outer form is stiff and the soft lining ruffules up on top to create a contrast.

Kumbh potli

A sanskrit word for pot, this drawstring potli has a detachable handle make it easy to carry and hold.

Gajra Potlis
Gajra Potli
Our classic gajra potlis are embellished by garlands of handmade flowers on the handles. Soft and easy to carry.

Alingan potli

A contemporary form designed in a way that the closure interlocks to form a handle for carrying the bag. Can be paired both with Indian and western outfits.

Utsav bag
A simple bag made from rich brocade textile with slim handles and zip closure for all those time when you would like to carry a little extra for the formal do.

So what are we waiting for let the festivities begin! 
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