Sunday, September 18, 2016

Know your textile #1 - Ikat - featuring the Ikat wallet

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Cherish those Ikat pieces you own, for there is a lot of hard work involved. What distinguishes Ikat is the dyeing of patterns with an elaborate resist dyeing process before the weaving is done. Bundles of warp threads are put on a frame following which, bindings to resist dye penetration are put on parts of the thread that form the motif. The threads are then carefully taken off, dyed, bindings taken off and then reframed. The process continues till you have the desired pattern and the threads are then put on a loom to weave. And that’s how you get an Ikat piece bathed in colorful patterns.
India has great diversity of Ikat weaving and the best comes from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Orissa. 
This Pure Ghee wallet is made of heavy Ikat cotton sourced from AP. 
Simple, so Indian and so stylish!
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